Long strands of Clear AB Faceted Crystals Weaved together with Strands of more Crystals and Pearls Necklace Set.

$399.00 $300.00

This necklace is a stunning piece of handmade craftsmanship. Multiple strands of Clear AB faceted crystals are woven together to create a wide ribbon of crystals. Another strand of crystals has 4.5 MM Freshwater Pearls matched in size to the crystals. The final strand has more 4.5 MM faceted Clear AB Crystals with more Freshwater Pearls groupings separated by crystals, each group has at its center 8.5 to 9 MM Pearls with two 5.5 MM Pearls on each side. Worn knotted as shown the necklace length is approximately 26” and weighs 7.2 ounces. The matching silver lever back earrings each have crystals, smaller pearls and a 9.5 MM Pearl.