Clique Gallery - Boutique - Press Release -

Clique Gallery - Boutique is an Art Gallery, Fashion & Bridal Boutique,Custom Jewelry, Yoga Studio & Matchmaking & Counseling Services.  
located in the cities of  Addison & Dallas in Texas. 
Encompassing the world 
of creativity & harmony with an aim to provide the most unique services as healing  classes, fashion and bridal designs for men/women, contemporary art decor , jewelry creations and our  matchmaking  services.

To mesmerize you with the most beautiful & contemporary  art experience, we carry original art paintings in 5 different media- Digital Art, Acrylic ,Oil, Water Color & Print Making. 

We also carry, Healing Crystals, Custom Jewelry Designs made of unique gems, pearls, Italian glass, diamonds ,gold/silver & Bridal Jewelry. Designer Fashion, Cashmere & Silk Scarves, Designer Bags, Clothes and Shoes for men/women. 

Bridal Gowns/Tuxedos, Italian Fused Glass & Ceramic Art Decor Sculptures, Spiritual Books and more.
Our unique art,fashion
,jewelry & yoga classes are meant to bring  joy.

The Purpose of our art, fashion, jewelry,  yoga classes and matchmaking services is to move you emotionally and to bring you to a higher dimension in touch with your inner soul.

Here at Clique Gallery - Boutique, we pride ourselves on the customer service we provide to our clients. When you walk through our doors, you are not just getting a great boutique that offers fantastic prices; you are getting an entire fashion and art experience. Clique Gallery - Boutique is a truly one of a kind place that you will not find anywhere else

With Pleasure,

Yael VanGruber
Artist/Jewelry Designer
Yoga Instructor

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